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 Oksana, born in Tomsk, Siberia , is an accomplished, Chicago based artist highly trained in traditional methods and materials. Oksana's talent for creating artistic splender -no matter the mood intended is remarkable.

A graduate of the Samokisha Art College and the Kharkov Art Academy, where she received her M.B.A., both of the Ukraine, she enjoys the challenge of using color, composition, lighting etc. to make each work a compelling statement. With over 20 years experience in the fields of portraiture, fine arts and design ensure a versatility that bring clients ideas to life.

Her combined accomplishments in portraiture, mural painting and design have gained the artist local media coverage as well as the opportunity to illustrate her work in the "Mt. Prospect Journal" which has helped to further exposure of her work.

Oksana prefers to paint murals on canvas or directly on your walls with oils. Oksana has an extraordinary ability to create paintings that go to the heart and spirit of a setting no matter where it is.

Oksana has also exhibited and sold work both locally, nationally and internationally through art galleries in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Highland Park IL. and auction houses with exhibitions held in Houston TX, Ankara and Istanbul Turkey.

She has found her work in many private collections in the United States including Ankara, Turkey where she was highly recognized for her dramatically expressive oil paintings of the Black Sea and thoughtfully detailed portraits of world leaders. Oksana also enjoys numerous mural commissions for private homes, restaurants, corporate offices and designer showrooms. Professional membership include the "Des Plaines Art Guild" and the " Barrington Art Council", both of IL.

Thank you very much for visitng my web site,
Oksana Grineva.


Meet The Artist


Oksana Artist News

Newsflash 3 Oksana is a mural artist who has enjoyed painting murals in schools, offices, homes, restaurants, churches and many other institutions. In her 20 years of mural painting, Oksana has painted literally hundreds of murals. A long list of references is available upon request.

News Flash 4 Murals can be used to create a mood, make a statement or simply provide beauty in either a residential or commercial setting. Murals can be created in various sizes and can accommodate all monetary budgets. I can paint murals directly on walls, floors, ceilings, buildings or anywhere your imagination desires. I can also create murals on canvas so the original work of art can be as mobile as its owner. Murals can be created for formal environments, children’s rooms, or in public places…I simply use paint to express your imagination and dreams. I cover all areas - Chicago Murals. Painting all of Chicago, Chicago Western Suburbs, Chicago South Suburbs, Chicago North Suburbs, Chicago North Shore, Illinois

Newsflash 2 Painting murals is much different from painting smaller works. A person is completely overwhelmed and absorbed by the painting itself. Much like those who do large scale sculpture who I've talked with, the scale of the work makes me think of myself more as a illustionist than an artist. Painting murals is somewhere between fine art and house painting. It's hard to get too snooty when you're up several stories on a scaffold with the wind blowing twenty-five miles per hour, covered in paint and eating lunch out of a paper bag.

Newsflash 1 The still lifes and trompe-l'oeil artworks featured in "Feast the Eye, Fool the Eye" and "Visual Deceptions" could be thought of as the precursor to the concept of "virtual reality." Trompe-l'oeil paintings have been a European favorite since birds were tempted to fly through the painted windows of Pompeii. The genre became a highly-developed specialty in Rembrandt's time, when artists competed with each other to see who could fool viewers into thinking their depicted objects were real.